Mark Gray is an ambitious young author whose debut novel Deny will be available as an e-book through Amazon on Monday, April 22nd.

Mark began writing at a young age (some fiction as a hobby, journalism in school) but now, in his mid-twenties, his passion for the medium has been reignited.

Although his first novel is a dark thriller that enters the mind of a young killer wrestling with her own nature, Mark is driven to explore several different genres and subject matters. He’s always been drawn to complex stories and captivating characters and hopes to create many of his own, regardless of style or genre.

Mark holds his Christian faith with utmost importance and although he hopes that his work can be enjoyed and discussed by everyone, he does use his a writing as a conduit to provide unique perspectives and questions about who we are, what we believe and other matters of faith.

He developed a passion for reading at a young age, but is ashamed to admit that he’s quicker to turn on the TV than pick up a book these days. Current favorites include The Walking DeadMad MenDexterHomelandCommunityBates MotelBreaking BadJustifiedThe Vampire DiariesGame Of ThronesThe Good Wife and countless others (All time favorites: Buffy, Angel, The X-Files, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars and Scrubs).

A while back, Mark was struck with a startling realization.  He had become deeply immersed in these great television series because the medium was experiencing a rich creative renaissance and writers and producers were enjoying the privilege of creating worlds, characters and stories that connect with people in a significant way (including him) and this was exactly what he had been passionate about doing himself at one time. He realized that he was enjoying the benefits of everyone else using their imagination and sharing their thoughts and views on life while missing out on the opportunity to explore his own.

With Deny, Mark is thrilled to join readers in the terrifying yet fascinating world of Cassie Moore and looks forward to hearing from and communicating with those who wish to share their thoughts and weigh in on the conversation.

This is only the beginning and he is grateful for all of those standing with him as he starts this new adventure.

P.S. Although Mark doesn’t read as much as he should, he does read SOME. His favorites being the Harry Potter and Hunger Games series, as well as The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Gone Girl.
Along with his passion for writing, his love for reading has returned and he’s remembered what a rich, rewarding experience a good book can be. So….What should he read next? Tweet him your suggestions! @MarkGrayWriting


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